S.W.A.G. is the voice of the future!

S.W.A.G. Magazine (Students With a Gift) was founded by Julian Morris at the age of 13. He began writing articles during the COVID-19 pandemic because a lot of decisions were being made for kids without their input.

What started as an outlet of frustration has turned into a magazine for teens written by teens. S.W.A.G. is a teen magazine delivering the latest in news, sports, and entertainment from a teen’s perspective. S.W.A.G. also focuses on the health and wellness of teens, in addition to financial literacy, money management tips, and college tips. S.W.A.G. has grown from a one-man show to a team of middle and high school students.

The writers focus on issues that are important to them in addition to highlighting youth in the community and abroad who are effecting change. In addition to its digital platform, S.W.A.G. runs an after-school journalism program at Thompson Middle School and hosts a charity fundraiser every winter to benefit kids at Christmas with an incarcerated parent. Other community programs have included a youth entrepreneur forum, financial literacy program and student mental health forum.

With a youth-focused perspective, S.W.A.G. has become a credible news source in its community. S.W.A.G. is the voice of the future!
STEM Saturday in Saginaw, Michigan with Kevin N. Gregory and amazing students.
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